WHAT WILL YOU DO? – Part 3 – Hindrances to Talking about Sin

In Dallas Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy he poses the question, “What then are we to say about the multitudes, right and left across the theological spectrum, who today self-identify as Christians while having hardly a whiff of Christlikeness about them ….”  By the word “Christlikeness” Williard does not mean intangible internal qualities but rather visible and identifiable characteristics, behavior and actions that look like Jesus.  We rightly have the impression that the longer we are Christians living under Christ’s Lordship the more others should notice a difference in our life.  Yet when we take an honest look at our habits, words, behaviors and lifestyle, often we cannot see a difference between our life and that of our secular, materialistic neighbor, making our evangelism impotent and/or hypocritical.  So we opt to stop addressing the issue of sin rather than confront our own sinful actions, words and behaviors. Continue reading