Time to write

Wisdom consists of discerning what time it is in life

and entering into it fully (Eccles 3:1-15).

It is time to beginning writing . . . again.  For years I have written textbooks on missions and folk religion and Monthly Missiological Reflections.  But for six years I have taken a sabbatical from missiological writing.  Why?

I made a radical change of life…                                                                                                

..from the classroom to the mission field               

..from international to North American missions.

I felt I had little to say.  I had to learn again in order to speak. I felt insecure, without confidence to speak and thus to write.  It has been a good sabbatical to listen. 

In the meantime I have been and am going through a season of deep learning.  I am thankful for all my teachers. I am thankful to missional scholars, who write and teach with creativity: Alan Hirsch, Alan Roxburgh, Craig Van Gelder, Mike Breen, Hugh Halter, Matt Smay, John White, Elaine Heath, and Neil Cole. I have learned greatly from some of the initial catalysts of Mission Alive including Randy Harris and John Ogren. 

Mission Alive staff members and church planters have become learning partners on mission with God:  Tod and Candace Vogt, Charles and Julie Kiser, John Cooke, Becky Van Rheenen, Carlos and Hortensia Bautista, Hobby and Jeri Chapin, Chris and Heidi Chappotin, Mike and JoEtta Deaton, Robbie and Cynthia James, Bob and Patti Grigg, Micah and Amy Lewis, Kyle and Kristen Mott, Rob and Judy McRay, Wesley and Virginia Equivel, Sixto Rivera, Sergio and Jacki Rizo, Nathan andJessica Turner, Kester andRachel Smith, Ben and Shannon Stevens, Daryl and Kristen Steiner, Melvin and Kathy Thomas, Kevin and Lisa Vance, and Bret and Rachel Wells.  I love these co-workers for their faith and commitment to the mission of God.  I say with Paul, “I have you in my heart!” (Phil. 1:7).

Now I feel God saying that it is the time to write . . . . prophetically, honestly, contextually. . . . about missonal renewal and church planting.  Other Mission Alive practitioners will join me in writing on this blog.  We invite you to become part of this learning community by interacting with this blog.

Gailyn Van Rheenen

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