A ReVision Church’s Story

We in Mission Alive were invited to begin walking with Fred Liggin and the Williamsburg Christian church when he transitioned into his leadership role at WCC two years ago.  Fred calls Gailyn his special mentor and coach, his sounding board and partner in his personal journey to cast a new vision and lead this church toward spiritual renewal.

Fred said, “We came to a cross roads where I realized we needed a partner in the journey. I shared this with the elders and we invited Mission Alive into our journey.”  Theirs is an exceptional story, not just because attendance has doubled and children’s ministry tripled, but because they have begun to think of themselves as a kingdom community on mission with God.  In this story you will hear that growth is not primarily about numbers but a people’s heart on mission with God.

3 thoughts on “A ReVision Church’s Story

  1. I am excited to be working with Mission Alive even more after watching this video. Our congregation is in a very similar place to Fred’s was when they began. After just a few weeks of working with Gailyn and Mission Alive, I can see areas where the Holy Spirit is working in me and will soon be working in our congregation. We are working to be a Church on mission with God, and Fred’s testimony is powerful and encouraging!

  2. I enjoyed hearing Fred’s story and that of the WCC. It’s exciting to think about being on journey and on mission with God. I especially liked Fred’s observation that it is not about “our” church having a mission but God’s mission having a church.

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