Who is Mission Alive?

Since our community has grown over the last year, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about who Mission Alive is.


Mission Alive is a church planting/church renewal organization that trains others to be on mission with God in their lives, neighborhoods and communities.  In Mission Alive, we work to see more people connect with God, grow in their faith and lead others to do the same.  We train two types of leaders:

  1. Church Planters

At Mission Alive, we discover and equip church planters to plant new churches throughout North America.  We walk alongside these planters as mentors, coaches, spiritual directors and fellow church planters.

  1. Established Church Leadership

We partner with and equip leaders of existing churches to more effectively engage their community with the Mission of God.  They participate in our Mission Training where we take them through a process from personal discipleship to missional engagement and from reproducing leaders to launching a movement.  We assist these churches to reproduce themselves in new communities with new populations.

What does Mission Alive do?

Mission Alive has three training platforms:

  1. Mission Training

Mission Training takes participants through a two-year process of learning to become a reproducing missional presence in their neighborhood.

  1. Equipping Huddles

Equipping Huddles is discipleship for Christian leaders.  They model a reproducible process for maturing Christians and teaching them how to lead others.

  1. Catalyze Coaching

Catalyze Coach Training teaches participants to change their leadership orientation from telling to asking.  It teaches participants to walk alongside rather than stand above those they are leading.

For more information on any of these, please visit our website at missionalive.org.

Who are you?

We have received an amazing response on our Mission Alive Facebook, so we wanted to take this opportunity to get to know some of you.  Please fill out the survey at the link below so that we can know you a little better!


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