Gratitude is Weird

Anyone with teenagers is overly familiar with the exclamation, “That’s weird”.   I have been amazed to learn how many objects or expressions are weird.  For example, to refer to something as ‘cool’ is now ‘weird.’   To wear pleated pants or white socks is ‘weird.  What I have come to realize is that when my teenager asserts that something I say or do is ‘weird,’ what he is telling me is that what carries meaning  or value to me as an adult does not carry the same meaning in his teenage culture and vice versa.

One of the most significant challenges Christians face in any culture is to identify how they can imitate the culture and yet behave, dress, speak and live differently than the culture.  One way followers of Jesus stand out in our North American culture is by expressing gratitude.    In a culture characterized by consumption and entitlement, gratitude is counter-cultural.  It is weird.

We in Mission Alive want to be weird by expressing our deep appreciation for the countless individuals and the many churches who participate in this mission.  To them we say, ‘Thank-You!’  You are the strength we need to continue this ministry.  We also want to express our appreciation to the churches and individuals who have participated in one of Mission Alive’s training events this year.  You are leaders trying to make a difference in this culture.  Thanks for trusting us to walk with you.  Lastly, we want to thank our church planters.  They are our heroes.  They are the ones who wrestle every day to embody the gospel in their neighborhoods and relational networks.  To them we say, thanks for your vision and courage.

Let’s all be weird this Thanksgiving and all year long!

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